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'Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.' Albert Einstein

As a nature therapist, I accompany and support people to find their own way through life. Together we create a space in this work, away from everyday life, by embarking on a journey into nature to look at the questions of our heart and our development.

In all my areas of work, the basic attitude is that every person has the knowledge and ability to become whole and 'heal' themselves. We ourselves know the answer to the questions in our hearts best. In this work we use nature as a mirror for our inner experiances.

Nature therapy or coaching works process-oriented (not result-oriented). It's about recognizing ourselves with the help of nature - and what our development and life is all about. My task as a nature therapist is to accompany, to testify, to mediate, to show choices and occasionally to help translate the symbolic language of the environment.

In the actual sense it is about us as human beings reconnecting with (your own) nature. 

Nature's communication is symbolic, primal and touches us at the soul level. It is visual language that communicates without words and does not follow any concepts. It is value-free, connecting and unconditional. It's basically the oldest language in the world, inherent in every human being - which we only need to remember. It can help us in a very practical and simple way to gain insights behind our 'usual point of view' and thus show what the next step in our life is.

How does nature coaching work?

After a preliminary phone call, we arrange to meet at a place in nature, from where a very individual journey begins.

After all questions have been answered and the concern/intention is clearly formulated, we connect with our senses and ourselves to arrive at the chosen place.

Crossing a symbolically laid threshold marks the beginning of a path that will be followed intuitively from then on. A natural process arises that relates to the concern. We gradually follow the unfolding of what is revealed along the way. In nature coaching we work associatively and with the principle of resonance.

'What you seek - is seeking you.' Rumi

What resonates, touches or attracts me? 

What meaning does what I encounter have for me? 

How does that relate to my life, my questions and my development?

What next step would I like to take?

What would like to be expressed?

A process is constantly in motion - in change -  and we always look for the next step that is due, but sometimes - is not yet due.

Upon completion, the symbolic threshold is crossed back. If necessary, integration work, short feedback or a summary of the experience follows.

Are you curious, do you have questions or would you like to make your own experience?

I'm looking forward to hear from you...

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