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Woman, sister, mother, daughter, soul, human being

Due to my own experiences and life challenges, I have decided to accompany people on their very individual life paths. Especially when life demands a lot from us.

It is important to me to create spaces with my work in which people can express their truth, feel seen & are heard.

In addition to my background in transpersonal psychology, I have trained as a nature therapist and in embodied trauma integration work. I specialised in breathwork & psychedelic integration.

These focal points form the basis of my work in which I offer individual sessions, workshops, and intensive seminars.

Certified training:

Vinyasa Yoga (2013)

Nature Coaching (2014-2015)

Transpersonal Psychology & Psychotherapy (2016-2019)

Transformational Kinesiology 1-3 (2019)

Embodied Trauma Integration Work (2020-2022)

Nature Therapy (2021-2023)

Several years of experience:

Breathwork - Holotropic breathing according to Grof

Constellation work

Alexander technique

free dance



I am a woman, daughter, sister, mother, soul and human being with a wealth of experience in inner worlds.

As the daughter of an alternative health practitioner and trauma therapist, I have been able to acquire knowledge and experience in various holistic therapeutic approaches since my early youth - both in individual work and in group settings. 

My path led me through many training and further education courses with different people, nature and life-related methods and approaches.

In addition to my self-employment, I worked between 2020-2022 as a social therapist in a residential home with people suffering from trauma and multiple mental illnesses.

However, one of my greatest teachers (alongside my children and clients) is nature and life itself.

Wind that changes direction, a wave of emotion that brings a new perspective, a crisis that carries insight and a chance for change, the beauty of a dead stump that's full of new life and a grasshopper with whom I spent my morning. 

I use these experiences and the communication with life in the company of people.

I work with adults as well as with children and young people - online and in presence.

My work does not replace any medical or psychological treatment. It is process-oriented and individual.


Appointments by email or by phone.

I ask that appointments be canceled in good time. Thanks very much!

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