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Nature Therapy, Breathwork, & Trauma Integration with Jeanne Wandel

Do you struggle with life's challenges, your past, family differences, stress, lack of connection or the effects of global events? Everyone has a bag to carry, and most of us feel - at least from time to time - at the mercy of circumstances and our lives.


The experiences we make color the glasses through which we see ourselves, each other and the world. They limit us in our ability to choose and act. Our past experiances shape our relationships & our behavioral patterns through mental assumptions.

But is it possible (in these circumstances) to establish a feeling of inner security that makes us freer, more capable of acting and less dependent on external circumstances?

Yes! It is!

By working consciously with our inner world, we follow the wisdom of the body and our intuition. We create awareness of imbalances that appear on the mental, emotional, physical or spiritual level and prevent us from making free choices.

Develop yourself and find ways, perspectives and opportunities for growth & change in yourself and in the world...


Connect to your nature 



“Trauma” is bound life energy. Embodied trauma integration releases this energy.


Follow the wisdom of your body and give your inner world expression, shape and connection



Impressions & Experiences

"Anyone who works with Jeanne should be prepared for the fact that deep layers of one's own being are touched and can experience healing. Thanks to her diverse expertise and experience, she opens up hidden access to the psyche [soul] and accompanied me with a lot of appreciation and a deeply loving attitude."

Simon M.

"Jeanne Wandel's support was very helpful for me.
Her sensitive and approaching manner made me feel held and understood. Her natural and accepting approach to the essential is beneficial and empowering. With her support I was able to experience old pain intensively and learn to let go."

Bianca S.

'Self, Breath & Movement' was a great start for me on the topic of "body work" with good practical tips for everyday life. The relationship between theory and practice was balanced. Jeanne provided a trusting framework in which I felt safe, accepted and comfortable.”

Marie W.

The workshop with Jeanne was super enriching. Both what she has imparted in terms of knowledge, but also on a personal level. Jeanne's charisma alone is trusting and appreciative, so that she  created a space in which I felt in good hands, with everything that was there.

Mona G.

Working with Jeanne & Thomas was a gift I could have only imagined receiving.  They crafted and curated a container of deep love and safety that allowed me to explore the depths of who I 'Be' that I have never been able to access before.  The purposeful wading into my own experiences through working with them, enabled through intimate connections with the two of them and the others at the weekend seminar, offered me a beautiful path to wander down and explore.  The bright and dark spaces they help me see and feel into have left me with a deeper sense of who I am, while also enabling me see that the strength I have to live a fuller life already lies deep within myself.

Michael B.

"The experience of the Weekend-Workshop with Jeanne and Thom was a very transformative one for me. I have already attended similar seminars, but I was able to get even more involved in my process with the two because they managed to create a space and atmosphere I felt absolutely safe and at ease in. The music choices, the guidance, emotional support and integration throughout the weekend made it possible to devote myself to my process - which was not easy. I appreciate them both very much - as new ones friends and as a facilitator."


Jeanne Wandel

Parkaue 5
16348 Wandlitz
OT  Schönwalde


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