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'I have known good andd evil,
sin and virtue, right and wrong,
I judged 
and have been judged.
I've been through birth and death
joy and sorrow, heaven and hell,
and in the end I realized
that I am in everything
and everything is in me.' Hazrat Inayat Khan


Transpersonal psychology combines deep psychology and embodied process work with spiritual aspects rooted in ancient healing traditions.

It is practical process work in which we follow the perception of the body and work intuitively with the inner world. We discover what lies dormant in the depths and needs to be expressed or related. 

This work is about perceiving what is, to offer the parts in us that are suppressed or hidden in everyday life, a space to show themselves and thereby slowly change. 

What is currently present in my life and 

how can I deal with what is happening in and around me?

It's not about getting rid of things, but about dealing with your own truth and therefore developing perspective in order to recognize which inner & external options for choice and action exist.

Someone once told me something wise: 'It's not about feeling good, it's about FEELING good'. Because we have often learned that our body and our feelings (e.g. willfulness, sadness, pain, shame but also courage, being different and joie de vivre!) and true nature are apparently not allowed to live. We explore inner light and dark parts and look for ways to integrate them in a holistic way.

Elements in the work are:

imagination, elements from trauma work, orientation & resources, physical expression (e.g. movement, voice), creative expression, emotional work, constellations, work with partial personalities (psychosynothesis/IFS), ​work with dreams, ritual work...

Are you curious, do you have questions or would you like to explore yourself?

I'm delighted to hear from you...

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